Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Elijah Has a Party

Another year has come and another little boy has turned a year older.  My Elijah bear is now 12 years old!  That means this time next year, I'll have another teenage boy.......yikes!  Elijah is full of life and plays so hard each and every day.  He loves watching sports, playing sports and anything that has to do with a ball.  When he's not inside taking a break, you can find him outside on the trampoline, riding his bike, hooping it up with a basketball or hiding out in his fort.  I love this red-headed boy and although he pushes my buttons pretty regularly, I couldn't imagine our family without him.  

He had planned a birthday weekend in Stigler with three of his closet friends, but the school calendar changed and he wasn't able to go.  He was pretty bummed but we thought up of a plan B and I think he had a blast.  His friends came over for a backyard party where they ate, opened presents and played.  After a little while they all got their sleeping bags and pillows and went to the trampoline for the night.  I didn't they would last all evening out there, but they surprised me and actually slept from 11:00-6:30.  I slept on the couch just to keep a good eye on them!  

We are so thankful that we have this little boy and that the Lord allowed him to be born.  Despite a rough pregnancy, the Lord was faithful in allowing Elijah to be born strong and healthy.  I look forward to watching him be active in the youth group, starting middle school and growing in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord in the next year.  

Monday, April 16, 2018

Bella's Painting Party

We had Bella's birthday party up at the church building again this year.  It was particularly a good choice because there were about twenty people and painting was involved.  The kids had plenty of space to spread out and not be too crowded while they painted their unicorns.  I had asked Faith about being the "instructor" and walking the kids through with step by step instructions.  When I asked Bella what she wanted to paint, she immediately responded with "Unicorn!"  Faith provided all of the paints and brushes and I bought the canvases.  It was so neat to see Faith in her element and for all the kids to create their little masterpieces.  I loved how they each added their own artistic element to the canvas and I'm pretty sure they all had a blast.  

Faith and Terri provided the most adorable sugar cookies to complement the party, they were a big hit with everyone.  Bella squealed with delight when she saw how beautiful the cookies were.  I kept it simple with fruit cups, juice boxes and water.  I wanted most of the time and attention to be on the girls having a good time while they painted away.  We took a little break from painting to allow the background to dry and watched Bella open her gifts.  It can be a little overwhelming with all of the gifts, but she handled the excitement with gratitude.  She was blessed with wonderful gifts that she will enjoy for quite a while. 

 We are so appreciative and thankful for our family and friends that love our Bella Faith.  She was filled with joy most of the day, until I asked to take one more picture with her (last picture of this post).  Overall, it was a great party and she may want to do the same thing next year, which I wouldn't mind one bit!

Bella really wanted to wear her dress up fancy dress.  At first I was against it but she changed my mind and she loved being the only princess in the group of kids.

The cutest little unicorn horns and bite size cookies.

Amazingly beautiful.

Faith showing them the first step for the background.

Bella loves to paint so this was the perfect party for her.

They were all so focused and detailed.

My brother surprised Bella with her first Barbie car, she loved it!

Admiring the really cute swan dress.

I let the kids eat their snacks while she opened presents, it kept everyone busy.

Brent brought her back some coloring books from the conference he was attending that week.

She read every card herself, I just helped with reminding her to thank her guest after opening their gift.

Opening the last envelope and gift.

Our family had plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the party without getting painted on! 

More family taking part of all the action.

Even the men had a great time at such a girly party!

Now that the background was dry, it's time to paint those unicorns.

Faith drew the outline of the unicorn on each canvas and the kids filled it in with paint.

Faith's canvas that she painted alongside the kids.

Even Elijah added his own spin on the unicorn, although it's a little disturbing!

Bella loves Miss Faith and definitely got her artistic skills from her.

Everyone's final masterpiece......so much cuteness!

Thank you Faith for helping make this party a success, you did awesome!

Our little 6 year old princess.

Beautiful ladies inside and out.

While we were cleaning up, Bella couldn't wait to open up one of her gifts and start coloring right away.  

Holding onto these memories so I will cherish them forever.

"Seriously, one more picture?"  I'll take any face with this cutie. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Little Missy turns 6!

Bella's birthday was on a Thursday this year, so I had asked for the day off from work.  All three kids were out of school because of the Teacher walk-out and Brent was gone to Louisville for a conference.  She woke up to streamers hanging from her door (didn't get a picture of that) and came to my room to tell me it was time to go horseback riding.  We waited until both boys were awake before opening gifts.  She was so thrilled to receive a new Barbie and nightgown plus a couple of sweet treats.  After playing with the neighbor friends we headed to Panera for a cup of birthday soup......her choice!  
After lunch, we drove out to the Knott's house and was welcomed by David and a beautiful, chestnut colored horse named Charlie.  Her number one request for her birthday was to ride on a horse.  After looking around the Stillwater area for horseback riding, I came up with nothing.  Brent asked our friends if we could come out to ride one of their horses. David easily obliged, so we made the trip out south.  The horse was 25 years old and was so gentle and patient with all of the kids.  Bella was the first rider then the boys each had a turn.  After about an hour of riding and exploring their property, we headed back home.  It made this little girl's day, she didn't want to get off or leave.  She was bound and determined to go feed the llama and donkey but we agreed to do it another day and time.
I'm so thankful for amazing friends who love my daughter enough to make riding a horse possible.  I think she'll remember this day for a really long time.  

Happy birthday Bella Faith!  We are so proud of the little lady you are becoming and give God all the praise for your sweet spirit.