Saturday, April 29, 2017

Elijah 11th Birthday

Our Elijah Bear turned 11 on Monday and I'm pretty sure he had a fantastic day.  I let the boys skip school and we headed to OKC to the Science Museum.  He wanted Honey Sesame Chicken and Apple Pie for his birthday dinner.  Such a sophisticated eater!  
This little boy is full of life.  He is athletic, strong, enjoys doing all kind of things with his brother, loves to antagonize his sister, talks about history with his daddy and drinks coffee with me. (Oh yeah, I started drinking coffee about six months ago!)
I want Elijah to say with confidence the meaning of his name, "My God is Lord".  I know the Lord has great plans for his life and I pray Elijah would seek Him for direction.  We love this red-headed little boy so much and had a great day making him feel special.     

Waking up to birthday balloons!

He wanted a shopping spree to Academy as his gift. He has played all week with his purchases so this is the way to do gifting from here on for all future birthdays.

Eleven candles in a apple pie, he can't wait to dig in.

This group headed to Stigler for a overnight trip to the Pit.  It's one of Elijah's favorite spots to spend time outside doing "manly" stuff.  He's so much like his daddy and I love that they are creating memories together doing what they love.

Bella's 5th Birthday

It's hard to think that our baby girl is now five years old. She's been excited about turning five for a while now.  Watching her grow and mature into a little girl has been a true gift.  She loves passionately, is very friendly, enjoys spending time with her mommy and daddy and has a heart for Jesus.  I see how Jesus is becoming real to her and she asks a lot of questions about God and how to honor Him.  Our prayer for her is that she will devote her life to Christ at a young age and be used for His glory.  
We couldn't have a party in our apartment for all of her friends and family this year so she decided to she wanted it at the Youth Fitness Zone.  We invited friends from her preschool and church and our families.  It was a fun and active time celebrating this sweet girl.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day but it was worth it to see her joy and excitement. Happy Birthday to our beautiful Bella!

I try to decorate outside of the kids door so when they wake up they are surprised.  It's the simple things that bring a smile to their faces.

She really wanted a Barbie this year so we obliged and got her her first one.  Her faces says it all!

Bubbles, Bike and Barbie for the Birthday Girl

#5 candle in a stack of pancakes

Brothers loving on their sister.  I love their sleepy, early morning eyes.

Waiting for friends to arrive at the Zone

First up, a jump into the foam block pit

She can hardly contain her excitement

Rope swing into the pit but she just wanted to keep swinging

She has Luke right where she wants him!

Getting goodies from Faith

No cake today!  Orange shebert freezes for the party! 

Daddy had to hold the candle since we didn't have anything to put it in.  She's not too sure about it.

She's been blessed with such sweet friends.


Memorable Moments so far in 2017

Since I'm trying to update my blog and get back into posting pictures more regularly, I am creating a post of our memorable moments we have already created in this new year.  It's crazy to think that in just a few days, the month of May will be here and the year almost half way over.  
We sold our house and moved into the Links apartments in December. It's been almost five months of living here and that is so crazy to think.  Our house building hasn't started yet so there is no telling how long we will be living in this two bedroom, 1000 square foot space.  The kids have done amazing and it really hasn't been a big deal.  I think we are realizing that being a family means sacrificing for the good of each other.  The boys share a bedroom and Bella sleeps in our master closet!  I know we'll look back on this time here and have some fond memories.  In the mean time, we can't wait to take advantage of the swimming pool and free golf.

The first week of January brought in a couple inches of snow for us to enjoy.  

We went to Lowes and purchased a new sled to take to a huge hill in town. The boys loved it but Bella and I lasted about ten minutes......way too cold for us.

She did end her time outside making a snow angel.

February was the Daddy-Daughter dance and these two couldn't wait to go dance together.  I am blessed to have a husband who cherishes, not only his wife, but his daughter too!

In March, Bella participated in her first Awana Grand Prix. 

This is all the cars that participated in the event.  Elijah's is the red and blue one in the far left corner.  

Bella's car one first place in speed...........

because of this man's hard work.  He is so proud!

Waiting for his race to begin

Elijah's car was in first place the whole time until it took a nose dive off the track.  His best friend gave up the first place trophy to give to Elijah. Such a testimony of Christ-likeness.

This little girl lost not one, but tooth teeth in March!  

Easter morning looking so cute!

Our church set up an area for families to take Easter pictures.  This is the best one out of five for my clan.

See what I mean?!  What has happened to my photogenic family?

We finished out our year of Awana last week.  Bella got her ribbon for her last year of Cubbies and will be moving up to Sparks next year.

She was so nervous to say her verse on stage but overcame it when it was her time.  I'm so proud of her bravery.

Elijah completed his book in TNT and will start his last year in the Fall.

He loves to have his picture taken with his momma!

Summer 2016

4-29-17: I realize I'm posting this almost a year later but I typed it up and forgot to post it for some reason.  I guess I thought I was going to add to it with more pictures but never got around to doing it.  I really want to get back to blogging and updating it with lots of pictures.  The kids enjoy it and I'm sure the grandma's do too!

Another memorable summer has come and gone and now we have a few pictures to remember it by.  I took a few pictures in June but not like I use to.  July's pictures were only from our vacation and a few from the 4th of July.  Since Brent has got me a "fancy" phone, I tend to just use my phone to take pictures and then forgot to upload them to my computer.  All that to say our summer was full of fun days, busy days, lazy days and sometimes difficult days.  I'm thankful for each moment I have with my children and want to cherish our summer vacation for years to come.  

June's activities included: 

Trips to the new waterpark in town

Movie watching on the living room floor

Dog washing 

Trips to grandparents house 

Blackberry picking 

Picnics on the back porch 

Celebrating this daddy 

Making and enjoying the giant water slide 

A trip to the OKC Botanical Gardens 

Being extra silly with this little cutie 

Power washing the cars


Creating new recipes (buffalo chicken "stuffed" pepper) 

Leaving for one of two youth camps 

Driving lessons 

Civil War reenacting 

Making and eating popsicles